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Who are we?

We give you the knowledge and resources you require to create a personalized strategy that puts you in complete control of your money at all times.

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Who are we?

FourtySeven Trust is a well-known provider of financial solutions with locations in several important financial and commercial hubs throughout the globe. FortySeven Trust Bank is a client-focused provider that creates distinctive trade financing solutions with accelerated and extended lending periods to enhance performance and support personal and business expansion. The Bank is in the forefront of introducing and creating cutting-edge financial strategies in emerging nations.

Our strategy is centered on enhancing the financial security of our clients, hiring the greatest talent who can listen, learn, and adapt, providing them with the best resources and insights, concentrating on the few tasks that truly benefit clients, and completing them correctly the first time.

As long as our strategy is carried out as planned, we expect to balance growth and return, short- and long-term performance, financial and social impact, and to produce respectable returns for our shareholders.

The strategic imperatives—building a simpler, more balanced bank, concentrating our efforts where we can carve out a winning position, creating a superior everyday experience to compete in the digital age, and fostering a purpose- and values-driven transformation—remain the same, despite the fact that our focus has changed over the past four years.



Our Values

At FourtySeven Trust Bank, we strive to instill our values—essential characteristics and viewpoints—into every employee.

They operate as the foundation for our business operations, directing our actions and behavior. These represent the apex of our ideology and serve as the guiding principles for FortySeven Trust Bank’s internal behavior as well as its interactions with clients, partners, and shareholders.

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